The trauma experienced from sexual abuse cannot be reduced by money, but survivors of sexual abuse deserve justice. Justice can come from vindication felt when the responsible party is held accountable and from compensation, victims receive from the abuser.

Sexual abuse litigation gives survivors their voice heard, which can include receiving the compensation they deserve. A lawyer experienced in sexual abuse litigation understands that victims also need emotional support and other resources.

A sexual abuse civil lawsuit allows the victim or their family to sue the abuser, even if the abuser is facing criminal charges. The criminal charge can lead to incarceration, but it does not offer the victim additional satisfaction. A civil case offers an opportunity for victims to hold abusers directly accountable.

If you or a loved one suffered sexual abuse, a sexual abuse lawyer could help you pursue a civil case against the abuser. If the victim is a child, the parent or another guardian can sue the abuser for the physical and emotional pain caused. Parents and guardians may also sue the abuser over the distress and harm caused by the child’s sexual abuse.

The type of case pursued depends on the facts involved, but an experienced sexual abuse lawyer can identify the best litigation prospect. Although there is no child sex abuse civil action, a lawyer can sue the abuser for the harm caused as part of a personal injury lawsuit. The causes that can be cited in a civil case include assault, battery, and infliction of emotional distress.

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