December 11, 2022 |

Michael Clum V Jackson National Life Insurance Co., Ingham County Circuit Court Case No. 10-000126-CL (Hon. Paula J. M. Manderfield)

Michael Clum was employed as a maintenance worker at Jackson National Life Insurance Company for 10 years. Although Mr. Clum had an excellent work record, there were occasional incidents of tension between Mr. Clum and an African-American co-worker named James DeMyers. In October of 2009, Clum was discharged – supposedly because he made a threatening remark to DeMyers.

The Clum case was tried to a jury in 2011. At trial, Lead Counsel Glen Lenhoff and Second Chair Robert Kent-Bryant showed that Mr. Clum was not culpable in the incident in question. In spite of his innocent conduct, Mr. Clum was discharged in an act of reverse racial discrimination. The Jury awarded Mr. Clum $1,093,000 in damages.

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